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John Radcliffe Hospital

SDS's Integral Role in the John Radcliffe Hospital Expansion

Project Overview
The John Radcliffe Hospital, serving as the cornerstone of emergency healthcare in Oxfordshire, embarked on a crucial expansion project to strengthen its medical and surgical services. SDS, in collaboration with Mclaughlin and Harvey Contractors and under the design expertise of Lewis Hickey Architects, played a pivotal role in this transformation.

Strategic Collaboration
The collective vision was to enhance the Emergency Department's capabilities, optimsing spatial utilisation, diagnostic proficiency, and, above all, prioritising the dignity of patients in need.

Thoughtful Design and Enhanced Facilities
The newly extended Emergency Department stands as a testament to thoughtful design, with a focus on space optimisation, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and a commitment to patient well-being. The project aims to significantly reduce ambulance turnaround times for rapid emergency response. Among the enhancements are nine additional bays dedicated to the immediate care of critically ill patients, featuring specialised areas such as a paediatric resuscitation room and an isolation room. The expansion also includes a state-of-the-art CT scanner with a control room, a nurses' bay, and improved bereavement and relatives' rooms.

Role of Dfendoor Doors
Integral to the project's success were the Dfendoor doors, installed throughout. These impact-resistant doors not only played a crucial role in meeting fire door and infection control regulations but also contributed significantly to the overall safety and security of the Emergency Department. The choice of a diverse array of SDS colors, ranging from midnight blue to lupin, not only ensured compliance but also added a visually striking finish to the facility.

Compliance and Aesthetics
Maintaining compliance with stringent regulations was paramount. The Dfendoor doors, designed for impact resistance, were instrumental in achieving and surpassing these standards. The incorporation of SDS colours not only ensured visual appeal but also allowed for a customized and cohesive aesthetic. The use of matching wall protection products further enhanced the overall visual impression of the newly expanded Emergency Department.

The collaborative efforts of SDS, Mclaughlin and Harvey Contractors, and Lewis Hickey Architects have resulted in a remarkable transformation of the John Radcliffe Hospital's Emergency Department. The integration of Dfendoor doors, with their impact resistance and compliance features, has contributed to a space that prioritises patient well-being while adhering to the highest standards of safety and infection control. This case study stands as a testament to the successful synergy of design, functionality, and aesthetics in the critical realm of emergency healthcare.





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