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St. Thomas CPCU

St Thomas’ Hospital South Wing Care Unit Expansion with SDS Innovations

Project Overview
St Thomas’ Hospital,  was expanding its services with the addition of a Care Unit in the South Wing, enriching the offerings of the renowned Evelina Hospital. Set against the panoramic backdrop of the River Thames and the iconic Houses of Parliament, this project showcases a harmonious integration of SDS products, elevating both functionality and look.

Comprehensive Use of SDS Products
The project seamlessly incorporates a diverse range of SDS products, including the innovative SDS DFendoor doorsets, Defend wall protection and a creative fusion of Defend and Hydroclean PVC sheeting. This multifaceted approach underscores the versatility of SDS offerings in enhancing both the functionality and visual appeal of healthcare spaces.

Artistic Integration of Defend and Hydroclean PVC Sheeting
A notable highlight of this project is the artistic integration of Defend and Hydroclean PVC sheeting. Two different types of PVC sheeting were employed, each contributing unique characteristics. Defend, with its cashmere impact-resistant finish, and Hydroclean, known for its smooth hygienic surface, were combined to create a visually captivating result.


Digital Printing and Complex Designs
This digital printing on the impact-resistant surface not only adds an artistic dimension but also showcases the versatility of SDS products in realising sophisticated and bespoke healthcare aesthetics.

Craftsmanship and Spectacular Results
The combination of functional excellence and artistic finesse is evident in every detail, making it a project that not only meets healthcare standards but also stands out as a visually captivating and uniquely designed space.

The St Thomas’ Hospital Care Unit expansion stands as a testament to the successful integration of SDS products in healthcare design. From the scenic views across the River Thames to the artistic combination of Defend and Hydroclean PVC sheeting, this project showcases how careful consideration of design, product selection, and craftsmanship can improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of healthcare spaces, creating an environment that is both visually spectacular and purposefully designed.



Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust



SDS DFendoor High-Performance Doorset
Defend Cladding

St. Thomas CPCU
St. Thomas CPCU
St. Thomas CPCU


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