Kingston Hospital

Project Description

In 2009 the Kingston Hospital was rated as the leading district general hospital in
London and 15th in the country. The Esher Wing of the hospital is a building that has served the hospital for a very long time. Consequently, it needed an urgent update on its fire compartmentalisation. Working with the extremely knowledgeable Architects and the Hospital itself, this large-scale project ensured fire safety throughout the Esher Wing.

SDS are specialists in fire compartmentalisation works.
1. Supplying tested and certified heavy duty doorsets,
2. Installing by trained and certified engineers
3. and finally examining the result of the works to ensure the required safety is in

As this is an operating hospital with live wards and patients, SDS provided the flexibility
required to ensure the minimal downtime and inconvenience when matching the
architects’ requirements for the project.
From the design stage of the project to completion over a very long period of time
a positive collaborative effort by everyone has ensured the Kingston Hospital is now
safe in the likeliness of a fire.

The heavy-duty, fire rated dFendor door sets, are supplied in various configurations, single, double leaf, sliding with automated features and privacy vision panels.


Client: NHS Foundation Trust

Location: Kingston, London

Date: 2018

Products Used

dFendor High-Performance Doorset

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