Thermoplastic Sheet Protection

The upkeep of busy buildings whether they are hospitals, factories, leisure facilities, schools or public institutions, is a never-ending task. Daily wear and tear manifests itself in deteriorating paintwork, damaged plaster, scuffed doors, scraped frames, nicks and scratches.

SDS provides two very effective solutions to the perennial problem: dFend and durablend thermoplastic sheet protection. These sheet products can be fitted to most surfaces requiring fortification and their tough, anti-abrasion finish will rebuff the damage of daily bumps and knocks.

Installed to our exacting standards, both dFend sheeting and durablend sheeting will make frequent and expensive maintenance works a thing of the past as both sheet types require little more than a light cleaning routine to keep them looking neat and smart. Using a combination of SDS’s thermoplastic sheet protection with profile protection is an excellent way to counter inevitable shocks and collisions and will ensure the fabric of your building is admirably preserved, year after year.

SDS’s dFend and durablend™ are available as BIM models in the NBS National BIM library.

Very high grade of thermoplastic PVC sheet with excellent forming and machining attributes.

Suited for wall cladding in busy thoroughfares at half / full / multiple heights.

When installed as flat sheets, joints can be hot or cold welded.

dFend is used extensively by SDS to encapsulate doors and frames for permanent protection (see Postformed Doorsets).

Used frequently by SDS to form bespoke items, such as retrospective frame and door protection.

Available in a wide range of colours to compliment the design scheme.

If MOQ are satisfied, dFend can be colour-matched and supplied with anti-bacterial impregnation.

Available in cashmere finish to suit demands of various locations.

Presenting the Architect and Specifier an up-to-date eco-friendly product, yet with traditional qualities.

Premium grade non-PVC thermoplastic with excellent machining properties.

Suited for wall cladding in busy thoroughfares at half / full /multiple heights.

When installed as flat sheets, joints can be cold welded.

Used together, durablend sheets seamlessly match with durablend Profile Protection.

In the hands of SDS, durablend can be used to fully or partially encapsulate door sets.

If MOQ are satisfied, durablend can be colour-matched and supplied with anti-bacterial additives.

durablend is manufactured with the sought-after lightly textured cashmere finish.

Download: – durablend™ Wall Sheet Installation Datasheet

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dFend Colours

  • buttermilk pvc dfend
    LRV 69
    RAL 1015
  • dfend mushroom pvc
    LRV 68
    RAL 1013
  • chalk pvc dfend
    LRV 78
    RAL 9001
  • dFend PVC Snowflake white
    LRV 81
    RAL 9003
  • dfend pvc gunpowder grey
    LRV 51
    RAL 7035
  • dfend pvc cobble grey
    LRV 36
    RAL 9006
  • flint dfend pvc grey
    LRV 21
    RAL 7037
  • midnight dfend pvc dark blue
    LRV 5
    RAL 5013
  • dfend pvc lupin blue
    LRV 23
    RAL 5024
  • dfend pvc denim blue
    LRV 41
    RAL N/A
  • dFend Peppermint pvc
    LRV 49
    RAL N/A
  • jade pvc green
    LRV 36
    RAL N/A
  • dFend PVC Verdure
    LRV 56
    RAL N/A
  • aqua dfend pvc
    LRV 20
    RAL 6033
  • carbon pvc dfend
    LRV 22
    RAL N/A
  • grape dfend pvc purple
    LRV 22
    RAL 4008
  • dfend pvc claret red
    LRV 8
    RAL 3032
  • dfend pvc orange
    LRV 33
    RAL N/A
  • dfend primerose pvc yellow
    LRV 65
    RAL N/A