Why dFendor?

  • Impact Resistant. In-house testing has shown that dFendor doorsets can prolong the longevity of the door face over x40 times compared to standard doorsets.
  • Aiding Infection Control. Resistant to over 200 cleaning chemicals, easy to clean and will not deteriorate with cleaning routines.
  • Fire Compliance. All our doorsets are put though burn to death test in certified laboratories by third-party industry recognised assessors
  • Lowered Maintenance costs. Many Doorsets will be in need of constant repair, with our dFendor Doorsets this will continue to perform at 100% throughout its life, with no need for spot repairs or quick touch-ups.
  • Permanent Colouring. dFendor is a solid core product so whilst not only a resilient product is also a solid colour core so does not change or fade at all in usage.
xray protection vision panel

Specification Details

Heavy Duty Lead Core

All our dFendor lead Doorsets come as standard with lead cores to suit specified lead code levels.

Fire Rating

Our post formed lead doorsets as standard are non-fire rated. However, we are able to offer FD30 lead doorsets using PVC faced doorsets rather than post formed if this is something would like more information on then please feel free to get in contact.

Lead Code

All our lead doorsets can be manufactured to suit a number of lead code levels, as standard, we provide code 1, 2, 3,4 & 5. If you would like a higher code level then please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Acoustic Ratings

Our dFendor Lead Protection doorsets can be manufactured to meet the following acoustic ratings:

  • NA – No Rating
  • 30dB
  • 32dB
  • 35dB (Max)

Colours & Finishes

dFend – Premium thermoplastic available in Cashmere texture.

Woodgrains – Timber effect thermoplastic, smooth finish.

Fixed Frame

This system comprises a standard lining post formed in dFend with separate stops and architraves. These are supplied with loose dFend.  Post formed covers to conceal fixing points

Frame Finish

Each frame type can be supplied clad in dFend, durablend or Hydroclean protection. Alternatively, the timber core can be lacquered or prepared as a pre-primed finish.


SDS Protection Standard Specification

485 DOORSETS dFendor High Performance Doorsets
• Manufacturer: SDS Protection Ltd, Unit 4, Guildford Road Trading Estate, Farnham,
Surrey, GU9 9PZ. TEL: + 44 (0) 1420 543 222 Email: sales@sdsprotection.co.uk
• Product Reference: SDS dFendor High Performance PVC Post Formed Doorset
• Configuration: As schedule (Single Leaf or Leaf and a Half or Double Leaf or Sliding etc.)
• Size: As schedule
• Door core: ‘Heavy Duty’, 44/54mm
• Acoustic Rating: As schedule (N/A or 30dB or 35dB etc.)
• Glazing Detail:
Vision Panel Size: N/A, VPA7,PA8
Glass Type: Privacy
Beading: As schedule (Overclad or Flushglaze)
• Perimeter Seals: Fire and smoke seal as required
• Colour: Standard White (RAL 9010) or choice of 28 colours, refer to
manufacturer’s colour chart
• Frame configuration: As schedule (Split Frame or Traditional)
• Frame finish: Fully-Encapsulated
• Other requirements:
Fire performance: NFR
X-Ray Shielding: Yes Code Type TBC by Radiation Protection Advisor
Laser Protection: As schedule (N/A, Privacy Glass or Yes, Full Laser Blackout)
Fixing: To manufacturer’s standards and specifications

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Specific colours, Profile Protection or anything else:

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