SDS makes the supply and installation of all hygienic wall cladding requirements very simple.

With our premium product, Hydroclean, which we stock in a really extensive assortment of colours, our clients have all they could require for their project under one roof.

Hydroclean is the embodiment of all that is good about hygienic cladding, but avoids the compromises of ubiquitous low-grade products on the market. Here are some plus points:

  • Hydroclean has one of the hardest surfaces amongst the cladding groups and doesn’t mark as easily as low-grade PVC cladding material.
  • Hydroclean can be trim jointed or welded, cut, formed and machined excellently.
  • Hydroclean can be overprinted to bring colours, pictures and vivacity to your project. (This then becomes the ‘Image Series’)
  • SDS will use Hydroclean to completely encapsulate any doors and frames within the same vicinity, meaning no third party is necessary for your hygienic doorsets, and all colours will synchronise.
  • SDS has an elite group of skilled, hand-picked Hydroclean Installers to compliment your project with a first-rate installation if desired.

SDS’s Hydroclean is available as a BIM model in the NBS National BIM library.

White and Pastel colours are available in the following sheet sizes:

  • 2440mm x 1220mm
  • 3010mm x 1220mm

Vibrance colours are available in the following sheet sizes:

  • 3010mm x 1220mm

Hydroclean is installed using all the recognised jointing and thermoforming techniques.

The most compelling reason to specify Hydroclean lies in the readiness of SDS to provide a supply and install service where the quality product is backed by a quality installation.


Buy Hydroclean

Hydroclean is available in a wide spectrum of colours.

From our classic Smooth white to our subtle satin finish pastels colours Hydroclean can add ambience to any project.

If you are looking to make a feature statement then the smooth Vibrance range will meet your needs.

And if you need to match a specific Pantone or RAL colour SDS would be happy to oblige, subject to minimum quantities and lead times.

Vibrance Range – High Gloss Finish

  • Ice
    r255, g255, b255
    Pantone: White

    RAL 9003
    LRV: 89
  • Grass
    r202, g215, b162
    Pantone: 453c

  • Neon
    r195, g210, b0
    Pantone: 383c

    RAL 1016
  • Sage
    r162, g173, b157
    Pantone: 5773c

    RAL 6021
    LRV: 33
  • Buoyant
    r128, g163, b199
    Pantone: 652c

    RAL 5014
    LRV: 25
  • Sky
    r144, g209, b222
    Pantone: 630c

    RAL 5024
    LRV: 59
  • Plum
    r115, g21, b81
    Pantone: 242c

    RAL 4004
    LRV: 2
  • Rose
    r217, g75, b121
    Pantone: 214c

    RAL 4010
    LRV: 11
  • Pumpkin
    r204, g84, b17
    Pantone: 153c

    RAL 2010
    LRV: 11
  • Cherry
    r163, g16, b8
    Pantone: 1807c

    RAL 3002
    LRV: 3
  • Steel
    r95, g94, b94
    Pantone: 425c

    RAL 7012
    LRV: 6
  • Night
    r0, g0, b0
    Pantone: Black

    RAL 9005
    LRV: 0

Standard White and Pastels – Satin Finish

  • Hessian
    RAL: 1019
    LRV: 34
  • Ash
    RAL: 7047
    LRV: 68
  • Zephyr
    r237, g235, b219
    Pantone: 7527c

    RAL 1013
    LRV 70
  • Cloud
    r235, g235, b235
    Pantone: 427c

    RAL 9002
    LRV: 52
  • Cotton
    RAL: 9010
    LRV: 78
  • Standard White
    r255, g255, b255
    Pantone: White

    RAL 9010
    LRV 89
  • Peppermint
    r237, g246, b244
    Pantone: 7541c

    closest RAL 9002
    LRV: 78
  • Spearmint
    r203, g230, b227
    Pantone: 621c

    RAL 6019
    LRV: 74
  • Cyan
    RAL: 6034
    LRV: 58