Who are Future Healthspaces?

Future Healthspaces is a collaborative program between subcontractors and manufacturers who share the same values and vision and operate within the healthcare construction market. Their mission is to shape the future of designing healthcare facilities through collaborative thought leadership and cross-trade teamwork.

They shine a light on innovation for key influencers with the healthcare sector, providing tangible, meaningful industry knowledge and ideas which enhance health workspaces.

The Goal of Future Healthspaces

With the topics of sustainability and net carbon zero high on the agenda, Future healthspaces currently have two short term goals.

To create interesting and genuinely helpful content in the forms of video, guides, whitepapers and more. This is so that they can assist those who are working on future healthcare projects.

Invite coalitions, architects and engineers to participate in their experiment. They want skilled, industry leading professionals to ‘lend their voice’ and give input into the design of the 40 planned hospitals that are scheduled for the UK.

With aging healthcare facilities and systems combined with the effects from COVID -19 and unprecedented politically-driven spending means that currently, the UK healthcare market is rich with opportunity for the foreseeable future. Future Healthspaces want to make sure that this opportunity is met with the best industry leading professionals.

Future Healthspaces will continue meet monthly to share ideas and lend their experiences to help shape the future.


You can visit the Future Healthspaces website here: futurehealthspaces.com

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