Along with patient care, aftercare and a reduced risk of infection, a visually beautiful and clean environment are key influencers on patient loyalty.

A new study has found that a patients perception of room cleanliness has a direct impact on their overall wellbeing, recovery time and general experience. Patients, now more than ever are acutely aware of the risk of hospital acquired infections and are far more likely to recommend a hospital that they feel is clean. This is also the case for outpatients and visitors.

Visitors will also have their own unique experience and assessment of the hospital environment from the front door onwards. Relying on vision and judgement to appraise hygiene standards on the whole of their hospital journey.


Usually the first impression for a patient will be the door to their room. If it’s not clean, inviting and fit for purpose it will have an immediate negative effect, possibly raising anxiety levels with the potential to extend recovery time. If the patient is post operative the risk of acquired infection will be cause for concern through the duration of their stay.

For a boutique hospital experience, doors should be beautiful, clean and inviting but also comply with health and safety and hygiene standards as well as fire regulations. The SDS Plasdoor is extremely tough, with minimal maintenance requirements and also visually appealing. Available in 48 colours for a bespoke design, fully fire safety compliant to BM Trada standards and ideal for a wide range of applications from suites, and corridors to treatment rooms and operating theatres.

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