How we look after our at team at SDS

We are all to aware of how the lifestyle landscape has altered this year but ever the optimists, we look for what we can take from this unique situation and how we can use it for growth.

Covid highlighted to us the importance of looking after the mental health of our team. Not that this is new information, our culture at SDS is one of respect and our senior managers check in with us regularly but during this year we became more aware of how vital this is to our work environment.

SDS already have in place an Annual Health Surveillance check for our workshop colleagues. The checks help us to ensure we are all working safely with the COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) substances we use.  This includes things like dust which, although not a chemical, can cause lung conditions if not managed effectively through PPE; and, the spray glues we use. When complete the Health Surveillance team can identify and issues and offer guidance both the employee and the employer, we then review PPE provision and support any colleagues who may have individual needs.


We also have a mental health first aider on our team. Adam is trained in physical first aid but has the additional benefit of training in mental health. His training makes him acutely aware of behavioural changes that present when someone is struggling and if required, can step in and assist with the most appropriate level of care.

Although this year has been hard for us all we need to embrace the positives. Working from home for some, has allowed more opportunity to spend time with family and the new approach to more flexible working is the beginning of a happier, more productive workforce.



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