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Evelina Childrens Day Treatment Centre

Children's Day Treatment Centre

Designed by ADP Architecture, the six-story Children’s Day Treatment Centre is situated on the ground and first floors, strategically located next to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital building on Lambeth Palace Road. The new building provides state-of-the-art day surgery facilities for children, and is designed to enhance the patient experience for young people and their families.

One of the key design considerations was patient flow, and the interior layout was meticulously planned as a one-way system. This design ensures that patients undergoing preparation and entering the operating theatres do not intersect with those in post-operative recovery or same-day discharge areas. A vital component of this streamlined patient flow was the selection of appropriate doorsets, in addition, being a Children’s
Treatment Centre, it was crucial to create a bright and vibrant environment. For this, the doors were identified as a key element of
the colour strategy, and our Dfendoor were chosen for this purpose.

“We are delighted to have participated in such a remarkable project. It’s truly satisfying to have the opportunity to enhance the visual and emotional appeal of a structure using colour, particularly in a setting dedicated to the comfort of children and families.”

Rachel Sobek, Project Manager
Specialist Door Solutions 

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ADP Architecture

Children's Day Treatment Centre

Dfendoor - Aqua, Cobble, Lupin, Primrose, Midnight, Verdure


Children's Day Treatment Centre
Interior - Childrens hospital - Evelina London
Childrens Day Treatment Centre
Evelina Childrens Hospital


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