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Installer Training Programme

Develop Your Skills with Specialist Door Solutions' Installer Training Programme. Join us at our cutting-edge factory for an immersive, one-day competency-based course.

Specialised and tailored, our training equips Installers to flawlessly handle our full Product Range, ensuring quality.

Please note, this course focuses solely on product expertise and doesn't cover safety protocols or industry practices. Eligibility is restricted to competent professionals in the building sector, verified by training credentials or licenses.

For Trained Installers keen to serve Specialist Door Solutions' customers, we offer an exclusive opportunity. Join our Trained Installers list, connecting you with clients in need of project installations.

Our training course runs quarterly. Upon expressing your interest, we'll be in contact to share available seats.

To register your interest in attending our Installer Training Programme, please fill in the Trained Installer Form at the bottom of this page.

Please be advised that you need to make your own transport arrangements to and from the Training Venue Specialist Door Solutions, Unit 1 Bordon Trading Estate, Old Station Way, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9HH.

Please register your interest using the application form below

We look forward to providing you with the training and confidence you need to be a great partner of Specialist Door Solutions


We are very proud of our 40-year track record of successful collaboration with architects, contractors, NHS Trusts and private hospitals, partnerships which are based on our core tenets: Specialisation, Dedication and Sincerity.

Read from our selection of work to see just how we have helped to make a difference in a range of projects, including healthcare and clinical environments. 


"We always found SDS to be a reliable partner during the design and delivery stages of our work."

Moritz Spellenberg Llewelyn Davies Architects

"SDS's customer service skills ensure that the items are always delivered to a high standard and within the guidelines of our orders."

Leslie Fischer Fischer Maintenance Services Ltd

"Specified solid timber doors with full PVC encapsulation are one of the most robust doors on the market and copes well to the challenging environment."

David Mondino Kendall Kingscott Architects

"By using a well-known PVC postformed door supplier we have the reassurance that the doors will be clinically fit for purpose."

David Whitestone Floyd Slaski Architects Ltd

"It is fair to say you are one of the very best subcontractors we have had on site."

Project Surveyor HCA The Shard



If you have any questions about any of our products or services, our friendly team of experts will be glad to help you.