Effective Clear Width Calculator

What is Effective Clear Width?

The Building Regulations Approved Document Part M (BS 8300-2:2018), states that ‘doors to the principal, or alternative accessible, entrance should be accessible to all, particularly wheelchair users and people with limited physical dexterity’. This document goes on to state that ‘once open, all doors to accessible entrances should be wide enough to allow unrestricted passage for a variety of users including wheelchair users…’

In order to ensure that a doorset provides unrestricted access, we use the term ‘Effective Clear Width’.

How is Effective Clear Width Measured?

Effective Clear Width is the width of the opening measured at right angles to the wall in which the door is situated from the outside of the door stop on the closing side, to any obstruction on the hinge side. Therefore, if the door only opens to 90 degrees, then the ironmongery projection must be taken into account, but if the door opens beyond 90 degrees, then the measurement can be taken from the door stop to the door leaf, as shown below.

What are the Minimum Effective Clear Widths?

The Effective Clear Width through a single leaf door, or one leaf of a double door must be in accordance with the following table. Alternatively, download the calculator below to check your opening.

Direction and width of approach

Measurements in mm

Straight-on (without a turn)

New building: 800

Existing building: 750

At right angles to an access route at least 1500mm wide

New building: 800

Existing building: 750

At right angles to an access route at least 1200mm wide

New building: 825

Existing building: 775

External doors to buildings used By the general public

New building: 1,000

Existing building: 775

Download Your Effective Clear Widths Calculator

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