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Aluminium & glass sliding doors.

Clariglide is the manually operated, aluminium-framed sliding door from Specialist Door Solutions.

The Clariglide doorset is available in single-sliding, bi-parting and telescopic models, and is entirely customisable with various configurations, colours, and glazing options. 

Developed in collaboration with hospital architects, its evidence-based design principles are tailored to meet the stringent needs of healthcare applications.

Bringing a transformative advantage to functional public spaces and hospital environments, Clariglide seamlessly combines superior hygiene, enhanced accessibility, and efficient space utilisation.

The advanced materials and innovative designs reduce maintenance demands while improving operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • 5 year warranty
  • Smooth, non-porous materials
  • Sliding mechanism with low-friction running gear
  • All-glass panelling
  • Sloping pelmet
  • Provided as a complete assembly
  • Belt-driven synchronisation technology
  • Integrated anti-slam damper and closing device
  • Adjustable frame profile with adjustable architraves
  • Durable finished: Polyester Power Coat or Satin Anodised Aluminium
  • Available in every RAL code to BS EN 12206-1:2004

Optimising space, access and mobility with Clariglide

Clariglide is designed to meet the requirements of modern healthcare environments. Its smooth sliding operation optimises floor space and supports efficient room planning without the need for floor tracks.

Sliding doorsets facilitate easier movement for staff, beds and patients. Clariglide’s wide opening enhances patient and bed mobility while maintaining corridor and ward space. Its low-friction running gear simplifies movement ensuring accessibility for all users.

Belt-driven synchronising technology requires less energy to operate by enabling the simultaneous opening and closing of bi-parting and telescopic doors with just one leaf.

Discuss Your Project

Clariglide can be configured in various systems, including single sliding, bi-parting, and telescopic options. For further details on available systems, discuss your requirements with a Project Consultant.


Enhanced Visibility and Hygiene with Clariglide

With its all-glass panels, SDS Clariglide provides full patient-in-view, allowing for supervision without the need to enter the room. This reduces infection risk and patient disturbance, supporting restful recovery. The glazed panels create a lighter, brighter environment and can be specified with integral tilt-functionality blinds for privacy and light control.

The smooth sliding doors feature a sloping pelmet and are constructed from robust, non-porous materials that are easy to clean and inhibit bacterial growth. Clariglide's design minimises air disturbance, further reducing infection risk and making the doors an ideal solution for critical healthcare environments such as ICUs, HDUs, isolation wards, and cardiac wards.

Highly configurable and designed for high use environments

Clariglide is engineered for high-use environments in internal healthcare settings. The integrated anti-slam damper and closing device ensure long-term durability and safety. This highly configurable doorset is available in a range of sizes, finishes, and formats, including single sliding, bi-parting, and telescopic door types. 

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, Clariglide can be finished in any RAL colour using Polyester Powder Coat or Satin Anodised Aluminium. Its unique adjustable frame profile with architraves can accommodate wall depths ranging from 95mm to 185mm.

To facilitate a quick and simple installation, Clariglide is provided as a complete assembly, including door, frame, sidescreen, glazing, and sliding gear. 

Specifying With NBS

We work in partnership with NBS to host all our BIM models on their platform. Easily find, assess, and select Clariglide alongside the complete SDS range of doors, and seamlessly add them to your project specification. 

Get Started

Clariglide Single Sliding Door System

The SS-1, SS-2 and SS-3 door systems are all single sliding doorsets.


Single Sliding
Over Sidescreen



Single Sliding
Over Sidescreen & Wall



Single Sliding
Over Wall

Clariglide Bi-Parting Sliding Door System

The BP-1, BP-2 and BP-3 door systems are all bi-parting sliding doorsets. They can be specified with synchronisation kits to ensure both doors open at the same speed from operating one leaf only.


Over Sidescreen



Over Sidescreen & Wall



Over Wall

Clariglide Telescopic Sliding Door System

The TS-1 door system is a telescopic sliding door. It can be specified with a synchronisation kit to ensure both leaves reach the open position at the same time.


2 leaves sliding over Sidescreen


Download the Clariglide Datasheet

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