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SDS Installer Training
Jan 22, 2024 3:07:10 PM 1 min read

Specialist Door Solutions Installer Training Programme for Fire Door Installers

Register Your Interest For Our One-Day Training Programme and Certification for BM Trada Registered Fire Door Installers.


  • Specialist Door Solutions is proud to present our Installer Training Programme designed exclusively for BM Trada registered fire door installers. This program is perfect for companies and individuals looking to expand their skills in the installation of fire doors, particularly in healthcare construction schemes.
  • Our training session is a one-day program that focuses on the correct installation, compliance, and functionality of fire doors, ensuring their optimal performance. The training is tailored specifically for BM Trada registered fire door installers who want to master the installation of postformed hospital doorsets.
  • In this training session, you'll learn the installation techniques of our postformed doorsets that will help you maintain high safety and hygiene levels in buildings. Once you complete the program, you'll receive a certification that will serve as a testament to your newly acquired expertise.
  • Our state-of-the-art head office is the venue for the comprehensive one-day training session. Join us to elevate your skills and become an expert in the installation of postformed fire doors.

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