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Specialist Door

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of specialist doorsets for healthcare and clinical environments. We work with Architects, Contractors, Hospitals and NHS Trusts to deliver compliant solutions and help the acute healthcare industry.

Our Healthcare Doorsets

At SDS, we are committed to the meticulous design and manufacturing of hospital doorsets. With our vast industry expertise, we have crafted our doorsets to provide a comprehensive solution. Our doorsets not only meet all compliance standards but also deliver exceptional performance. They are made up of high-quality doors, frames, vision panels, and ironmongery solutions. Be reassured that all components are backed by relevant test data and fire test certification.

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SDS Dfendoor

Designed for high-traffic hospital environments, Dfendoor is a high-performance, resilient PVC post-formed doorset that is both fire compliant and hygienic. 

Doors in busy hospital departments are in constant use and need to be strong, reliable and able to withstand ongoing rough treatment – this is where Dfendoor comes in.  

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More about this Product
SDS Lamdoor

A hard-wearing and easy to clean PVC doorset requiring minimal maintenance, is the perfect fire safety compliant doorset for less demanding healthcare environments.

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More about this Product
SDS Shieldoor

Lead-lined to achieve effective shielding from radiation, the SDS Shieldoor system is an incredibly resilient, hard-wearing and hygienic solution for high-traffic, high-wear hospital environments.

Lead thickness can range from code 3 up to code 8, depending on the level of protection required.

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SDS Priviglaze+

SDS offers a fantastic range of standard vision panel types to suit any healthcare situation - available in both traditional with timber bead or PVC bead finish, or flush.

SDS Priviglaze+ brings together a privacy vision panel and warning light system that creates a uniquely robust solution for infection control compliance, staff safety and patient privacy.

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More about this Product

As part of our overall doorset solution, we have extensive experience in the supply of ironmongery, best suited and fully tested for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications. 

Choose from a selection of handles, push plates, kick plates, locking devices, signage, door controls and ancillary items in a choice of finishes.

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SDS Door Selector

Make sure you get exactly what you need

The SDS Door Selector is the quick and easy way to find the perfect doorsets for your next hospital or clinical environment project, including all the relevant options to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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We are very proud of our 40-year track record of successful collaboration with architects, contractors, NHS Trusts and private hospitals, partnerships which are based on our core tenets: Specialisation, Dedication and Sincerity.

Read from our selection of work to see just how we have helped to make a difference in a range of projects, including healthcare and clinical environments. 

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Choose SDS for your next project. Get in touch with our specialist team to find out more about how our UK-designed and manufactured, fully compliant, healthcare doorsets can meet the needs of your project.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"We always found SDS to be a reliable partner during the design and delivery stages of our work."

Moritz Spellenberg Llewelyn Davies Architects

"SDS's customer service skills ensure that the items are always delivered to a high standard and within the guidelines of our orders."

Leslie Fischer Fischer Maintenance Services Ltd

"Specified solid timber doors with full PVC encapsulation are one of the most robust doors on the market and copes well to the challenging environment."

David Mondino Kendall Kingscott Architects

"By using a well-known PVC postformed door supplier we have the reassurance that the doors will be clinically fit for purpose."

David Whitestone Floyd Slaski Architects Ltd

"It is fair to say you are one of the very best subcontractors we have had on site."

Project Surveyor HCA The Shard


From datasheets, effective clear width calculator, fire and smoke ratings, acoustic ratings, available colours, to installation guides and configuration information, we have compiled this in-depth collection of useful resources to give you the tools you need when specifying or purchasing our products

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