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Theatre Doorsets

Hull Royal Infirmary

Hull Royal Infirmary, a leading tertiary teaching hospital in Kingston upon Hull, partnered with Johnson Construction for a comprehensive refurbishment project, emphasising the need for advanced Healthcare Doorsets to enhance safety, hygiene, and operational efficiency.

In collaboration with Johnson Construction, Hull Royal Infirmary opted for cutting-edge door solutions, specifically Dfendoor® and Shieldoor®, designed to meet the stringent requirements of hospital environments. These Healthcare Doorsets are recognized for their resilience, durability, and hygienic efficiency, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like hospital operating theatres.

The selection process considered various Hospital Door types to cater to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. The chosen door solutions included Priviglaze vision panels, crucial for maintaining visibility while ensuring fire integrity, safety, and user privacy.

Hull Royal Infirmary incorporated lead-lined doors for X-ray rooms. These doors play a pivotal role in shielding radiation and maintaining the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.

The successful collaboration between Hull Royal Infirmary, Johnson Construction, and SDS highlights the importance of selecting the right Healthcare Doorsets for hospital refurbishment projects.

Morgan Lloyd Jones

Hull Royal Infirmary

Dfendoor & Shieldoor - Cobble door with Gunpowder Frame


Hospital Theatre Door
Hospital Theatre
Hospital Theatre
Hospital Theatre


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