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Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Children's Emergency Department

The Children’s Emergency Department and Obstetrics and Gynaecology services has been moved into a new purpose built unit. The new unit will improve the service of the relocated departments with the provision of dedicated children’s facilities, reduced ante-natal admissions in facilities and service provision adhered to national screening programmes.

The Trust needed to create a bright, and vibrant environment for the new 3,500sqm Children’s and Maternity Department.

In alignment with the Hospital Trusts branding colour-way, colours were chosen to provide a bright and vibrant appearance to define and differentiate the Maternity and Gynaecology unit from other areas within the hospital. Providing a welcoming and uplifting environment for patients, staff and visitors.

We liaised with the architects during the early stage of the design, assisting with the door and ironmongery specifications to provide a cost-effective solution for all the doors in the scheme.

A decision was taken to use both our textured Dfend and smooth Hydroclean finishes, to provide an incredibly resilient, hard wearing and hygienic doorset, ideal for high-traffic, high-wear hospital environments.

“For the new Children’s Emergency Department and Maternity Building at Stoke Mandeville Hospital we liaised at very early stage of the design with SDS, who assisted on the door and ironmongery specifications, and where able to provide a cost-effective solution with uPVC wrapped doors for all the doors in the scheme. The use of both textured Dfend or smooth Hydroclean finishes was decided upon the specific room use, providing adequate impact resistance and meeting the Client’s infection prevention control requirements.

"Being Children’s and Maternity departments, we at Hunters and Art-in-Site as the interior design consultants wanted to create a bright and vibrant environment. For this, the doors were identified as a key element of the colour strategy from the outset. The wide-ranged palette of colours and finishes that SDS provides was pivotal to achieve a playful and colourful design, which further assisted to improve wayfinding and patient experience.”  
Liam McNichol, Associate Director, Hunters 

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