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Health & Safety

Specialist Door Solutions are continuously working towards achieving
a safe working environment.

We do this by ensuring the following:

  • Work instructions are completed for all the machinery that our staff may be expected to use during their working day.
  • Risk Assessments are conducted for all activities and machinery we have on site at our factory.
  • Ensuring that staff have read and understood the Risk Assessments and Work Instructions before commencing work.
  • Staff complete mandatory online courses prior to working on the factory floor. Courses are provided by Citation.
  • Completion of induction training for all the machinery that staff may meet while on site. Regular refresher training is completed to ensure staff are up to date with training.
  • Signed records are maintained confirming what training has been completed and when. This ensures that mandatory training is completed in accordance with the training plan.
  • A Health & Safety Annual Audit completed by Citation and our external Health & Safety Advisor.
  • Completing daily checklist for the machinery on site.
  • Having a reporting system for any faults highlighted on the daily checklists.
  • Ensuring Policies are reviewed within the relevant time frame.
  • Ensuring that the wood we use on site is accredited by the Forestry Stewardship Council and that all stamps and labels are checked by our Goods In Team to ensure we are compliant.
  • Ensuring that we are working towards our objectives as set out in our ISO accreditation (9001 – 14001).
  • Completing updates for our CHAS, Construction online, Builders Profile, Reset accreditation.
  • Maintaining our Carbon Neutral status and working towards Carbon Zero.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers meet new accreditations (BREEAM) so that SDS can offer the most sustainable product on the market.
  • Working with our waste management provider to ensure our landfill footprint remains at 0%
  • Looking at ways to improve our waste management – continuous improvement – offering a fire door with a 10-year life span and an option to recycle at the end of its working life.




If you have any questions about any of our products or services, our friendly team of experts will be glad to help you.