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Feb 20, 2024 12:13:48 PM 1 min read

SDS Introduces Door Protection Boards

SDS Introduces Innovative Door Protection Boards as Standard on all Doorsets. A Sustainable Solution for Contractors.


SDS has unveiled its door protection boards as a standard feature for all healthcare doorsets. This innovative addition not only streamlines the installation process but also prioritises environmental sustainability, offering numerous benefits for contractors and clients alike.

The corrugated plastic doorset protection boards serve as a robust covering for healthcare doorsets during transit and installation, effectively safeguarding against damage and scratches. For contractors tasked with installing doorsets in critical healthcare environments, this means significant time and cost savings, as the pre-cut covers eliminate the need for on-site measurements and cutting. Additionally, the inclusion of Velcro tape ensures easy installation and removal, enabling contractors to work seamlessly without disruptions in hospital settings.

"Our mission is to provide solutions that meet the unique needs of hospital environments while upholding our commitment to sustainability," says Darren Blake, Chief Operations Officer. "With the door protection, we're not only protecting the integrity of hospital doorsets but also enhancing the overall installation process for contractors."

In line with its dedication to environmental responsibility, once the door protection boards have fulfilled their purpose, contractors can utilise the Proguard Recycling Scheme service for responsible disposal. The collected waste undergoes a meticulous recycling process, including sorting, washing, and re-granulating, before being fully reintegrated into the production of new plastic products, including Proguard Correx® sheeting.

Contractors can order Collection Bags in advance and schedule waste collection once they're ready or opt for simultaneous Bag and Collection services. This streamlined process not only supports environmental initiatives but also ensures a sustainable supply of materials for future hospital projects.

By introducing door protection boards and implementing environmentally friendly practices tailored specifically for hospital doorsets, SDS continues to lead the way in delivering quality solutions for healthcare environments. For contractors and clients alike, this initiative represents a significant step towards a more efficient, sustainable, and environmentally conscious approach to hospital construction and renovation projects.