Configurations and Handings

Doorset Configurations

Most people know that a door is ‘not just a door’! There are many different types of doors – all of which provide different functions for different purposes. Here is a guide to the different configurations of doorsets that we offer as standard.


This image shows a single, 1.5 pair and double respectively.

Swing Type

This image shows a Single Swing, Double Swing – Centre and a Double Swing – Offset respectively.

  • Single Swing: Door leaf hung on hinges.
  • Double Swing – Centre: Door leaf hung in the centre of the frame reveal on pivots. Typically used in cross-corridor scenarios
  • Double Swing – Offset: Door leaf hung flush to one side of the frame on pivots. Door frame normally features a removable door stop to allow the door to open backwards if required. Typically used on inwards opening toilet doors—especially accessible toilets.

Door Handings

Door handings refer to which side of the door the hinges are, when viewing the hinge knuckle side (‘pull-side’) of the door.

Unequal pairs of doors refer to the main leaf.

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