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A Case Study on SDS's Dfendoor Doorsets and Golden Thread Fire Delay's Installation at Harefield Hospital's Maple Ward

In a recent project, Golden Thread Fire Delay was the chosen contractor for a pivotal upgrade at Harefield Hospital, installing SDS Dfendoor hospital doorsets, in the extensively refurbished Maple Ward, dedicated to adult patients requiring heart and lung critical care treatment. The Maple Ward required new doorsets that could not only meet the highest standards of fire integrity, resilience, durability, and hygiene but also positively impact the overall well-being of patients, staff, and visitors.

The Dfendoor doorsets, known for their exceptional toughness and minimal maintenance requirements, were chosen to play a transformative role in elevating fire safety performance within Maple Ward; strictly adhering to BM Trada standards for fire test compliance combined with infection control—an indispensable feature in a surgical environment focused on heart and lung procedure aftercare.

The successful implementation of Dfendoor doorsets at Harefield not only underscores SDS's expertise in delivering innovative solutions but also highlights the holistic impact these solutions can have on the multifaceted aspects of healthcare environments.

The installation of these doorsets was executed by Golden Thread Fire Delay, adding an extra layer of proficiency to the project. Despite facing initial budget considerations, Golden Thread Fire Delay's meticulous approach and commitment to a higher specification and right-first-time mentality perfectly aligned with the clinical environment's demands.

The installation process presented various challenges, all of which were met with innovative solutions and a commitment to excellence. The entire project was bespoke, requiring thoughtful answers for problems such as existing low-level corridor trunking. Golden Thread Fire Delay skilfully navigated this issue to ensure the frames fit precisely while maintaining compliance with fire-tested details. The project involved replacing doors dating back to the 1950s, addressing their outdated appearance, end-of-life maintenance issues and unknown fire performance capability.

The comprehensive approach by Golden Thread Fire Delay not only highlighted their expertise in overcoming unique challenges but also underscored their dedication to providing best-practice solutions; fully Third Party Certified under BRE/LPCB installer scheme LPS 1271.

The collaboration between SDS and Golden Thread Fire Delay in Maple Ward stands as a testament to the successful synergy between innovative doorsets and meticulous installation expertise, combined with a commitment by diligent, knowledgeable, hospital personnel to improving fire safety standards, infection control and overall well-being in their healthcare facilities. SDS remains committed to advancing healthcare environments through innovative solutions like the Dfendoor, demonstrating its dedication to innovation, safety, and the betterment of the healthcare sector.



John Calvert, Fire Safety Manager at Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield Hospital, said:



"We are very pleased with the SDS doorsets and the installation carried out by Golden Thread Fire Delay. The Dfendoor hospital doorsets have surpassed our stringent fire safety and infection control standards and have also proven to be a visual and functional asset in the critical care environment of our newly transformed ward. SDS's innovative design and manufacturing expertise, coupled with Golden Thread Fire Delay's careful installation, have helped to enhance fire safety and infection control, important for the overall well-being of our patients, visitors, and staff. This project has showcased the importance of fire door upgrades in an exacting healthcare environment."


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